CAST Innovation Week is here.

In case you had a case of the Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays…there is still 1 day to enjoy. Here’s what we’re doing today. Also, dare to share a teaching tip in an effort to bring back CAST’s ever-popular (cue the wah wah or slide flute sound) Tuesday teaching talk.

Check out these exciting topics on Thursday:
  • The early bird gets the (Delicious) worm at 9:30 AM!
  • From 10:00 -10:30: Discussion Music in the classroom!
  • From 11:00- 11:30: Library Open House
  • From 12:00- 12:30: Vocabulary building
  • From 1:00- 11:30: Learn what a real Tsunami is.
  • From 2:00- 2:30: Mobile Learning + apps
  • From 2:30- 3:00: Gallery Walk: Share projects on your device
  • From 4:00 +++ Happy Hour at the Emerald!

One thought on “CAST Innovation Week is here.

  1. It looks great! Congratulations to Gitte and Chris, the CASTmazing team, and all the presenters.

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