4 thoughts on “Wright, Kennedy-King, and Daley Get Theirs

  1. The Administration is trying to sell us on accelerated programs for accounting and 2 other “college to career” programs. Accelerated means that each college-level class (such as English 101) must be delivered in 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks. A student desiring to get an AA or AS in one of the favored disciplines can complete a degree in half the time with (presumably) the same amount of effort & study as a student working the “traditional” program.

    • Like summer school? They still have to make the minutes (40 hours worth (or so) for 3 credits) to get the credit from ICCB), so how would that work?

      And, is there a huge, unfilled need out there for accountants?

      What am I missing?

  2. It is embarassing what is going on at Truman. We have seen the most diverse institution turned into a bunch of cronies who lack the institution knowledge to make any type of decision.

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