Get Ephrem off my back! Read this and attend if you are so inclined.

Seriously though, this is going to be a great event.  As of right now, we have over 100 attendees with about 1/3 from HW (of course).  A few quick notes before the official e-mailed info below.

  • There will be free food!  (That alone could sell it.)

  • You needn’t attend the entire day.  This isn’t mandatory; no attendance will be taken.  Think of this as a Bb smorgasbord.

  • A majority of the sessions with be from folks from Bb.  You have a chance to talk right to the horse’s mouth.  The rest are done by skilled CCC faculty.

  • There really is something for everyone.  It’s not a training, it’s an exploration into the features of Bb AND how to apply them to your teaching

Blackboard Innovation Conference


Fri. Nov. 9 from 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at

Harold Washington College

Breakfast & Lunch will be provided.
Get ready to find out how to make the most of Bb in your teaching.  This is not your typical how to? but rather a why? and what for? . Click here to register (Registration deadline is Tuesday, November 6).  You can view the full program agenda here. Topics to be covered include:

·         Power Grade Center

·         Wikis, Blogs & Journals

·         Synchronous Collaboration

·         Plagiarism and Turnitin

And remember to attend the Blackboard Listening Session at your college from November 5-8. Find the session for your college.

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