The “new” CAST coordinators!

In case you missed the e-mail which is about to be sent, the results of the CAST coordinator elections are in!

With almost 61% of full time faculty voting, the two highest vote-getters were John Hader and Gitte Maronde, your new CAST coordinators.  (The actual counts were John (60), Gitte (48) and Megan (32).)

Join me in congratulating them.  I look forward to seeing what the two of them can accomplish in the coming year. 

In preparation for 2013, me, John and Gitte are going to sit down and chat about CAST on Tuesday (yes, during the last week of classes) in room 1046 starting around 1:30.  If you’re around and want to stop by around 2 to join us and to meet your “new” coordinators, we’d love to see you.  Who knows?  There may be some cookies.  There may be some pears.  At the least, I’ll say my goodbyes (at least before my goodbyes on Thursday at Emerald).

Enjoy the final days of the semester.


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