Trash Talk Tuesday

2012 NFL Season – Week 13-1/2

“… I take my social committee responsibilities seriously on The Lounge and since we started a pool, followed by a good heapin’ of trash talk, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give y’all an update from time to time. (This will not be a weekly post, I don’t think.)”

What can I say? I’m a little late and perhaps overdue on this posting. Too many important academic postings have also kept me from providin’ updates (social duties are secondary to the the telos of phD’s blog – at least while classes are in session). In any case, here’s the latest and greatest from our football pool prior to the final week of the semester.

Here are the standings:

Team Rank Points
Bb Bear 1 117
Jenny Favre Forever A. 2 114
Chicago Realist 3 113
PhiloDave 3 113
William Edwards 5 112
marta lacor 6 111
Joe Hinton 7 110
Chris Sabino 8 109
Chris Craft 9 8

Here’s my shout-out to all the players:

Bb Bear has enjoyed the top spot for about 6 weeks now. He’s on top of that mountain darin’ us to know him off. Remember Bb Bear, it’s not how you start – it’s how you finish…

Jenny has been up and down the rankings. Kinda’ like the Bears in the weekly NFL Power Rankings. As Cutler goes, so does Jenny. Coincidence? We’ll see…

I’m hangin’ in there. Waitin’ to make my move. Enjoyed the top spot while I could. Tasted fame and want some more. Will get it when Bb Bear goes into hibernation…

PhiloDave has been up and down the rankings. Kinda’ like the Packers goin’ up and down the field every week with little to show. C’mon, phD, take that bear down from the top o’ that mountain!

William is back in the hunt. Will he be like the Lions or the Giants. Time will tell…

marta has held her own, even with that overseas handicap. Do not be afraid of that Bb ‘oso’ at the top.

Joe is playin’ it cool. He’s like those Packers: tryin’ to get back on track. If they can do it so can you. Um, can they do it? (Couldn’t help myself, PhiloDave šŸ™‚ )

Sabino is not mathematically out, but like the Saints, lookin’ up with a lot of ground to make up. Not impossible, CASTman.

Craft. I’m a gonna rule this player as ineligible for the remainder of the season. Not goin’ anywhere for whatever reason. Kinda like those injured Bears players. Or the Packers defense. (Ok, I’m done, PhiloDave šŸ™‚ ) Or the entire Cowboys organization.

Next update no sooner that mid-December.

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