One Way to Guarantee A Rider for the Shuttle Service

Anybody know anything about this?

From Don’s Desk:

CCC announced that I will serve as the Interim President, Wilbur Wright College, which I will do while retaining my role as President, Harold Washington College.

There’s more over there. In the meantime, what happened? First the VP, now the President?

Calling Gladys Kravitz–what the hell is going on up there?

UPDATE: Just to be clear, per usual, I want to discourage idle gossip and speculation and I certainly don’t want to put anyone’s personal business on Intertoobz blast. It seems that some of what is (or will be) going on is explained in an email sent to everyone at Wright this morning from President Palos. Given that it was sent to everyone at Wright College and so is basically a public document, I don’t think it’s out of line to share some of it here:

I have been privileged during these past 18 months to lead Wright College during a time of tremendous energy and positive change…

This has been a time of enormous growth for the college and for me personally. I have been inspired by passionate faculty, dedicated students, and committed staff. I have given Wright my all, but for personal reasons I believe that it is time for  another to continue leading the college through its Reinvention to ensure we are as student-centered as possible and deliver ever greater opportunities for our students, whether they are looking to transfer or get into a job right now.

I have resigned as president effective December 31. Though this was a difficult decision to make, I believe it is the right one for me. I am especially grateful to Chancellor Hyman for the friendship and understanding that she showed when I communicated my decision to her. Her support and concern have been touching. I have worked with District leadership on a succession plan to see this wonderful institution through this transition successfully. I am leaving the college in capable and dedicated hands.

First, I know all of you will continue to be good stewards of Wright College and wonderful champions for our students. Second, I am pleased to announce that Donald Laackman, President of Harold Washington College, will serve as interim president while a search for my successor is underway. President Laackman will continue in his duties at HWC, to which he will return full-time upon completion of the Wright College presidential search. We will bring President Laackman to campus soon, prior to my departure, so he can get acquainted with the college, and the college with him.

He will be assisted by the entire leadership team both at Wright and at District. Also, as you know, Associate Vice Chancellor Mike Davis has joined us as interim vice president. Mike is overlapping with VP Cynthia Cordes until the end of the month; he will be able to assist President Laackman as he himself gets acclimated to Wright.

First Metoyer, now Davis and Laackman. Should we start calling Wright “Harold North”?

10 thoughts on “One Way to Guarantee A Rider for the Shuttle Service

  1. Can you dig that “Chancellor Hyman” shows up in the same sentence as “friendship” and “understanding”? This dude got run out of Dodge.

  2. Two things:
    One – It’s what I’m NOT reading that concerns me.
    Two – why not bring Metoyer out of retirement? He can be a P, VP, or Dean in a pinch, right?

    Anypeep know how faculty moral is doin’ at Wright?

    To Don: Just install big ol’ video monitors with built-in cameras at both colleges and preside from “the cloud”. JK!

  3. This is ridiculous. Don’t we have enough people in the system doing two FT jobs?

    So maybe all presidents should see the multitasking the rest of us have to do to get everything done and keep everything together for the students. How many hats do you wear in a day?

    Still, is there no backup plan? Isn’t subbing for missing presidents what VPs are for? Wright has no VP? And doesn’t the Dean of Instruction sub for the VP?

    It’s not that hard.

    They snatch our president because they have no backup? huh????

  4. BTW-Wright is already widely known as Taft 2 after Taft HS which is a big feeder, so we can’t call it Harold North. Sorry!

  5. A: The more time Don spends at Wright, the less he spends at HW. Not good. He is president of ONE college, not two.
    B: Metoyer was not fired. He was interim VP, applied for the position, and was not selected for the permanent position.
    C: Metoyer was not dragged into administrative roles at HWC. He freely accepted the postions (Dean, Interim President, Interim VP) and the politics that came with them.

    Tryin’ to discourage idle gossip.

    • Thank you, Realist, for bringing some sanity to the discussion. The tendency toward hyperbole, vilification and deification is a little beneath us…

      Also, it’s completely possible that Palos opted to resign…the pay for his position is more than say most FT faculty might earn, but given the bs associated with most things CCC, it is quite low. This is a great system…well, if you love teaching and enjoy seeing students turn on their own “light bulbs” but if you’re an admin, the money is low in comparison to your contemporaries elsewhere and your contact with students and faculty is rather limited to complaints and “issues.” None of which is inspiring…

      When will we stop jumping to conclusions? Hooray for him that he is making a gracious exit from his post, unlike some others (sigh) who try to make it seem like they were done wrong (another sigh), but in reality they were out of their depths and riding along on simple popularity and enjoying the dough (snicker)…just saying…

  6. It’s not like Don’s presence is essential to the normal functions of the college. I guess it will be harder to get his signature.

    Otherwise, what does he do? Hand select every hire, go to district meetings, and write his blog. Not much to miss there.

    • False: Don’s presence is essential to the normal functions of the college.

      If the presence of a president at a college was not essential, then why would District have Don be an interim President at a sister college? Riddle me that one.

      What does he do? I’m as curious as you are but I’ll wait for the reality TV series to get my answers. Outs the way, Snooki!

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