12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas

The 12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas is a semester break special borrowing from the traditional 12 Days of Christmas (that occur after December 25th). The point is to get you into the spirit of the season by recommending one song per day leading up to Christmas. Members of Camp Realist couldn’t decide whether to go iconic, popular, memorable, or classic. So we narrowed the list down to a bit of each.
Comments are always welcomed.  If you have a better version of the song, let me know. Do enjoy and sing along if you’d like! Or if any special memory is associated with the song, feel free to leave a reply.

5 Days before Christmas:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m making changes to this list of 12 songs as each day goes by. This one was not on the original list but it has made its way in for a couple of reasons. One, a member of Camp Realist believes this to be one of the better recorded versions of the song s/he has heard in some time. Two, I thought it to be in keeping with the other tunes and befitting of the ‘popular’ category (not to mention that it is also a Church hymn like a previous and future selection).
So here you have it gentle women and gentle men. Rest well for Christmas is but a few days away. No, not the kind of rest where you kick back and do nothin’. It’s not about idleness. Not the kind of rest  where you crash from the exhaustion of shopping for gifts. No sir. The kind of rest that is implied can only be achieved by completing physical, mental, and spiritual activities in a state of peace. (Kinda hard to do during that last week of the semester, I know. Been there, done that.)

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