12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas

The 12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas is a semester break special borrowing from the traditional 12 Days of Christmas (that occur after December 25th). The point is to get you into the spirit of the season by recommending one song per day leading up to Christmas. Members of Camp Realist couldn’t decide whether to go iconic, popular, memorable, or classic. So we narrowed the list down to a bit of each.
Comments are always welcomed.  If you have a better version of the song, let me know. Do enjoy and sing along if you’d like! Or if any special memory is associated with the song, feel free to leave a reply.

3 Days before Christmas:

I’m not completely sure, but I think that at some point many, many years ago, my parents took  my siblings and I to see this group of young singers at some downtown venue. It was our first time going to see such a performance. We didn’t do this often and I’m pretty sure my parents forked over good cash for the seats. I’m always left wondering if it in fact was the Vienna Boys Choir or not. My dad had a way of going with an Option B when Option A was not cost effective. Still does to this day. As far as I know it was our last ’cause I ain’t got any memories of it happening again. Perhaps we exhausted the budget for the next few years. Regardless of the lack of facts, I still enjoy this tune and at this point in my life, it doesn’t really matter if it was or wasn’t this choir that day downtown. What matters now is that my parents went out of their way to give us a wonderful gift that keeps giving every time I hear this version of the song.

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