Any Guesses?

So, what’s this about?

President Donald Laackman strongly encourages full-time faculty attendance at a 30 minute meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 12:15 – 12:45 PM, room 1115. He has important good news he would like to share with you. Those faculty working registration are released from registration responsibilities for the half-hour.

New space? The green roof? New logo? Visit from the President? Visit from the Chancellor? A reinvention of Reinvention? A new rule for meetings: 40 donuts and coffee for every pot?

Predictions, guesses, inside information, and wild speculation all welcome. Lies, too.


9 thoughts on “Any Guesses?

  1. So, for those of us who are not full time and any others who did not attend, what happened?

      • We’ve been asked to keep it confidential for the time being, and specifically to not mention it on Harold Lounge. There will be a press release within a few days, at which time it will be public.

        • Ahhhh! No wonder…I was surprised to find no mention on Don’s Desk and wondered if something like that was the case.

          Very good. Patience is a virtue…

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