CAST Tuesday Teaching Talk #1

In good old Sabino tradition, CAST’s Tuesday Teaching Talk is back on the lounge.
Enjoy and share your thoughts!

ImageIn The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer introduces his readers to the subject of college teaching as follows:
“The question we most commonly ask [about college teaching] is the ‘what’ question-what subjects shall we teach?
When the conversation goes a bit deeper, we ask the ‘how’ question-what methods and techniques are required to teach well?
Occasionally, when it goes deeper still, we ask the ‘why’ question-for what purpose and to what ends do we teach?
But seldom, if ever, do we ask the ‘who’ question-who is the self that teaches?  How does the quality of my selfhood form-or deform-the way I relate to my students, my subject, my colleagues, and my world?”  (1998, p. 4)
He then asks, 
How can educational institutions sustain and deepen the selfhood from which good teaching comes?” 

Here are more quotes from The Courage to Teach.


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