CCC Student E-Mail

Welcome to spring semester 2013! In my first official post as a contributor on the HL, I would like to share a video. In this video, I show students how to access their student e-mail accounts. It’s posted on You Tube, and I used a free Snag It trial to create it.  Feel free to share this video with your students, if you like.

What’s Snag It, you ask? Well, I created a video on Snag It, too. That video, though, was created for a different audience. If you’re interested in seeing the Snag It video and perhaps hearing me wax eloquent about its cat’s pajamas-like functionality, then let me know, and I will post it, too.

3 thoughts on “CCC Student E-Mail

  1. Welcome aboard! I’m puzzled by it not showing your name as the author, though. I wonder if it’s because you selected “Video” under format. I think if you select “Standard” everything will look the same with the addition of your name as author.

    That’s a guess, though. I never even noticed the formatting options until I was trying to figure out why it didn’t show your name.

    Never heard of Snag It, either. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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