Love Is In The Air! CAST Tuesday Teaching Talk #5


Here at CAST, we LOVE  teaching. Do you? What about teaching do you love? Teachers often cite working with students as the number one reason why they love teaching.  What about working with students makes YOU continue to love your job?
Mathissexy?, PhiloDave?, Anonymous?, Realist? 12keystrokes?, Speechfromtheblock?, Marta? No, not just the same (old) familiar voices! Let’s hear from ALL of YOU!

Got 3 minutes? Check out Taylor Mali’s “What teacher’s make”


Do you ever wonder what keeps adjuncts working in poor conditions? Check out this 2009 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education Love of Teaching Draws Adjuncts to the Classroom Despite Low Pay” (remember Kamran?)
Let’s improve the situation for our adjuncts/students!
Have your students sign the petition for a fair contract!


2 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air! CAST Tuesday Teaching Talk #5

  1. Those were the days. Ugh.

    Floyd’s point at the SotC on Friday was right on. Adjuncts are the silent, mistreated, valuable, and overly relied upon workhorses of our students’ education.

  2. Since you directly asked, I can do no less than honor your request, casthwc.
    Here goes…
    I have my passions. Teaching, you can say, is one of them. But learning tops teaching. That’s what I “love” about teaching. I “love” what my assigned students teach me.
    My hope is that they feel the same
    Gut feeling until we can objectively measure love. (Right, Kamran?)

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