CAST: Student Services Presentation

Don’t miss this important presentation on Student Support Services!
Friday 2/2210-12, Room 1115
Dean Wendell Blair and his team will provide pertinent information about student support at our college.

Wendell Blair: The Umbrella of Student Services and the Office of Student Services (Covering: Appeals Process, Disciplinary Process, CTA U-Pass)
Patricia Cuevas: Student Development (Covering: DAC, Admissions (domestic and international), Testing, Student Activities, Veterans Services)
Devon Glover: Advising and Transition (Covering: Advising, Transfer)
Crystal Napier: Registrar/Records (Covering: Transcripts, Grade Submission, Record Submission)
Michael Russell: Wellness (Covering- Wellness Services)

They will have take-away handouts of FAQs for attendees at the conclusion of the presentation.


One thought on “CAST: Student Services Presentation

  1. Will a cheat-sheet or copy of any Powerpoint presentations be available, via The Lounge or other electronic resource, for those who will not be in attendance?
    Personally, I think this is a great event, but I have an appointment in the morning and don’t think I’ll be able to attend.
    Thanks, casthwc!

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