4 thoughts on “CAST Tuesday Teaching Talk #8

  1. I use both – the points and then a letter grade that reflects the points. It might be overkill but I really want them to know where they are at and what it means in terms of letter grade since my letter grades are set by points earned at the end of the semester. It also seems that some students respond best to points while others like to see the basic letter grade to give them insight into how the semester is going…

  2. It is midterm? When are grades due? Do we get forms for ADW? Are you sure?

  3. LIKE!!!!

    We will get some form on paper to submit ADWs. Instructions are coming. RELAX!

  4. I totally do points. We (my learning community) aren’t going for averages. We are going for the gold medal. I mean who cares if your hit run average is over 300? Isn’t it about getting everything you can out of what you are doing by doing the best you can at everything?

    OK, so I’m an overachiever who still remembers being in Sociology during sophomore year HS and getting 104% by the end of the class while the Basketball star only got 102%. Yeah that’s me.

    Points can be added and averaged by non math people (like the prof!). Ranges can be figured out i.e. 450-500=90%-100%A. Everyone in class has a syllabus and knows the total points for the A.

    All students have to do is put the puzzle together, and hey if they have wiggle room at the end even better, because they are going to be totally exhausted! And if they really want to, they can do the extra credit work, earn more points, and get to 104%.

    They’ll remember the coup with relish!

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