Don’t Forget: Erasing the Distance Performance on Wednesday

I saw this last year, and it was impressive. Better yet, it came up in two different classroom discussions from students who found it moving and thought provoking.

Tomorrow on campus, downstairs (sponsored by the Wellness Center):

Erasing the Distance Theater Company comes to Harold Washington College to present real stories of four college students who have experienced mental illness.

Wednesday, March 13, 12:00 – 1:15, Room 103

Please encourage your students to attend and consider offering students extra credit for attending.

Wellness Center staff will provide your students a receipt to verify attendance. Following the presentation, trained ETD staff will lead an audience discussion.

ETD has won critical acclaim for theater productions that shed light on mental illness and stigma. Their work is highly educational, thought provoking, and tailored for integration into course curricula, especially for the social sciences, social work and human development, and courses that nurture critical thinking and writing about issues that span multiple disciplines.

For more information or to reserve a block of seats for your class, please contact Michael Russell, Wellness Center Manager, at

To learn more about ETD, go to:

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: Erasing the Distance Performance on Wednesday

  1. This is a timely and excellent piece of information. Hopefully, a genuinely serious conversation about this issue will be sustained (or at least acknowledged) on the Lounge.

    • Ever been to a party and then run into someone that you haven’t seen for awhile and while talking to them, s/he says, “We should really get together!” which then leads to you having the thought, “We are together”?

      This kind of feels like that to me.

      • Meant to write more than a few consonants but the past 24 hours or so suddenly took a turn away from the keyboard.

        Here’s the complete reply:

        Hmmm. . . . You could be more forthcoming because this seems noncommittal.

        Again, the emphasis is on “suddenly.”

        • In regard to the first sentence, no worries. Hope all is well.

          In regard to the second, no doubt. And I could be less!

          Restraint was a new year’s resolution.

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