Cultural Capital Reappropriated

(Voiceover):  According to one person’s notes from the February 1st Chair’s meeting, “Based on the State of Illinois’ projected budget and CCC’s response, expecting a flat enrollment and decrease in state funding, HWC is expecting a $600,000 deficit in our operating budget… Therefore, the 22 approved new faculty hires for this year were cut down to 4 (not counting replacements.). ”

Cost of Renting UIC Pavilion: $254,754.

Cost of Event Planning and Management Services (a 10K Businesses Graduate, no less!): Up to $200,000.

The view from the floor near the end of the graduation ceremony: Priceless.

Graduation View


One thought on “Cultural Capital Reappropriated

  1. First impression: These decisions are not made by educators. My eight-year old daughter would probably say “duh” right about here. Second impression: It’s surprising that CCC must spend a quarter of a million dollars to rent a venue for one day that is owned by taxpayers. My five-year old would say “yikes.” Third impression: Their old man remembers those beautiful and moving ceremonies at local venues. Fourth impression: I don’t think these people care.

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