2013 NCAA Brackets

Link updated. (Thanks, phD!) You should now be able to get to the Lounge’s bracket page.
Did not make the post sticky. Just want to make sure you were aware.

How goes it, peeps?

Just letting you know this year’s Harold Lounge NCAA bracket competition is ready to go for tomorrow!

The link below will take you to the member login page. If you’ve participated in past trash-talkin’ events, you’ll know whats to do. If you’re new and can handle the ribbin’ from your fellow sports fans, you’ll need to register.
Once you’re in, simply look for the group name: Harold Lounge 2013 Brackets


Here’s the password: hl2013

The rules will be the same as last year.
1 point earned for second round winners
2 points earned for third round winners
4 points earned for Sweet 16 winners
8 pounts earned for Elite 8 winners
16 points earned for Final Four winners
32 points earned for the Champion

Peeps and non-peeps are invited. Remember, last year’s winner? We can’t have a repeat of that, can we??
(Yes, the ribbin’ has begun.)
Have fun!

PhiloDave, feel free to make this post sticky for tomorrow, and umm…, I cant find the ‘READ THE REST OF THE STORY’ tag option. Feel free to drop it in.

3 thoughts on “2013 NCAA Brackets

  1. Ummm…it’s not working for me. It says that the manager has to send an invite. Can you check the settings?

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