Things You Could Do Over (the Coming) Break #5: Science Edition

In recognition of the new, formerly chemistry teaching Pope and in anticipation of some spring break free time that you may want to fill up with fascinating reading, here is a list of some interesting things I’ve found laying around the intertoobz:

~On Science and its metaphors;

~Learn about Quantum Biology;

~Black holes have firewalls and physicists are confounded;

~Check out Symphony of Science;

The rest of the list is below the “fold”…

~Ladies and gentlemen (and Higgins), meet the Higgs-Boson;

~Consider the human microbiome (or, Germs-R-Us);

~Free your brain;

~Physicist Lawrence Krauss kicked off a big nerd-fuffle last year with his new book which said that science had basically killed philosophy and theology, at least with respect to questions about being and origins. This was not his main point, but it was one that stuck out. This article/book preview was the opening salvo;

~On physical probing–one place where science and abstraction overlap;

~At a school run by blue people, neurology informs pedagogy;

~Regarding Science Ph.D.’s (the people, not the paper);

~An explanation of the winter solstice.

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