GBU: Summer and Fall Printed Schedules

GBU stands for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Bad can have either a positive or negative connotation per today’s slang. Rock it any way you’d like.

The point is the schedules are out. Printed. At least the Summer one is. Fall ain’t far behind. I knows this ’cause they’re on our websites. In case you’ve not gotten a look, here be the links to our Summer and Fall schedules. I digress.

The point is that while we can’t cry over spilled milk, we should at least have an opportunity to voice our observations and concerns about the guides our students will be using as they prepare to advance their education. At least that’s what I thinks.

Care to read s’more? I’ll give you my take on the GBU of the schedules. Don’t matter to ya? Cool. Stop right hear and head down to that April 1st post. It bears multiple reads. Funny stuff.

I’ll do my best to collectively summarize observations on BOTH the Summer and Fall schedules since they have quite a bit in common.

Good: Hey, they’re out. Nothin’ better than holding the schedule of ANY higher ed institution in my hands and wondering about the possibilities of education. Something powerful and moving, at least for me, about that physical connection. Maybe I’m old school, but I’ve yet to get as moved or excited about reading the PDF version.

Good: At least District ain’t publishing the book with ALL the college schedules!

Bad (as in not good): The pre-District-controlled schedules had a local touch that is missing from these uniform District-wide, Borg-minded, releases. On the one hand, District is talkin’ ’bout how each college will have an emphasis. On the other, the schedules make it seem like we’re all the same. What happened to that local emphasis that resonated with the neighborhood and community. Still strugglin’ with this decision. I know, the old, in-house, schedule will not be returning as long as Rahm is Mayor.

Bad (as in still not good): What’s with ALL the TBA’s in the Summer schedule?? Are there no FT faculty teaching this summer? Does the college know somethin’ we don’t know? How ’bout the union? Did someone think there was gonna be on strike? Where are the names of at least some faculty? Looks rather unprofessional. If I’m a student, I’m concerned. But that’s just me.

Bad (yep, still not good): Online Priority Registration information is provided… online. But where is that in the printed schedule. A rather small priority window. Almost negligible, so perhaps this is why it’s not in the printed schedule? Right hand needs to work with the left hand on this one. And other matters, but that’s for future posts.

Bad (and the list goes on): In a way this is a good bad and a bad bad. Good to see Wellness Center info on the printed schedule for all students to see. My sincerest compliment to right hand or left hand. Not sure. Unfortunately, it’s also bad, in a bad way, because we also have a tutoring center. And a legal clinic. And a whole bunch of other student resources that are as equally important to students. Why didn’t they get a full page? Yes, I see the line about finding tutors with a smart phone. But GradesFirst got more real estate. Complimented hand needs to talk with the other hand on this one.

Ugly: What’s wit the cheesy ‘My Registration Checklist’? Who decided it was time to be playful (and I dare say foolish) in using an unprofessional font on such an important checklist. I thought somethin’ got caught in the printing rolls till I saw the same thing on the PDF. Holy smokes. It got my attention, yeah. But so does gum on the underside of desks.

I’ll stop there. Maybe add more later.

I’m not moanin’ and groanin’ thinkin’ that vice-chancellors or college presidents will read this and make changes. In the end they’ll slap me with enrollment data and prove that our numbers are high, so the schedule is doin’ it’s job. Right. Sure. But at what cost?

How many students will still fail to enroll in the right level course? How many will know where to go for advice on what math class to take? Where’s the biology office? When’s the last day to take placement tests? What do you mean I have to complete an orientation session? What do you mean I can’t enroll in an ESL course in room 404? Where’s that welcome letter from the president? What IAI courses?

We sure could do more for our students. Our in-house schedule was moving in that direction. Or at least doing more than this current crop of propaganda.

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