This year’s TiE, Technology in Education Day, has come and gone. Thanks to Ephrem’s superhuman effort and investment in this event and generous sponsor support, circa 150 people could enjoy 18 break-out sessions, inspiring keynote speeches, great food and cool raffle prizes.  TiE 13 was a great success! Thanks to the presenters who shared their tech expertise with us. A special thanks must also go to Don who shared his twitter experience with the audience. If you missed the event (and unfortunately many of our HWC colleagues did), you can view the program and some information at the TiE website. If you wish to share photos for the TiE Photo contest, send one or two  to bmaronde@ccc.edu or upload here.

ImageCAST  invites you to come on Tuesday (4/16) at 2 PM to the CASTle (1046) for a  discussion of TiE take-aways.  In our effort to increase our faculty’s  “twitter literacy”, our Tuesday meeting will be a hands-on twitter workshop. If you cannot join, enjoy these 10 CASTeps to Twitter.

Are you ready to share?
What was your best take-away from TiE13, tweet using #CCCtie13 ?
What do you do with twitter?  Tweet using #casthwctwitter

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