The Read from Suite 711 (#19.76) Interlude (#6.76)

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Serendipity on Wednesday

Before beginning “Third Sketch,” 12 keystrokes offers one more interlude.

And to anyone who is following “The Read. . . Suite 711” please bear in mind that the lack of credibility in Realist’s writing – as evidenced by the crudity of its demonizing rhetoric (and double-standards/botched pedagogy/non-linear development) – is an issue separate from free speech, academic freedom, the democratizing use of anonymity, or “just funnin’.”  An honest discussion of these latter issues is welcome (and it seems that one such discussion was just conducted by Kamran and Erica).  At present, Realist’s writing promotes a (normative?) bullying culture on the Lounge that depends on denigrating the Other; by definition, “demonizing rhetoric” bullies.

The appeal of Realist’s writing – whatever it may be – is not to be found in its credibility.

The serendipity comes from which begins as follows:

“Today’s rape culture promotes the idea that it’s acceptable to joke about domestic violence and make sexist comments against women, and too often women are unfairly reprimanded for speaking out against such behaviors. Trista Hendren, the woman behind Facebook watchdog group Rapebook, which reports misogynistic posts to Facebook administrators, is the most recent example of this.”

The above link is meant to suggest parallels and analogies and not to swing from one extreme to another.

Question: What makes for a productive discussion on a blog?

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