Making summer plans – looking for some guidance

Peeps. Some of us may not be done grading yet. Don’t sweat it. You ain’t alone, you hard-workin’ faculty member! You have until next week, right? You know, when you’re off the clock and payroll, but are still required to get the job done?
Did ya hear that, Perry? Norm?
At least it’s electronic, so thank you, District. (I dont’s say that sos you can rest on our laurels bigD. Get that reimbursement process fixed so I can say thank you again.)

I thought I’d take a break from the above and start makin’ some summer plans. But I needs your help. Simply complete the poll and I will abide by the results. Poll is open until the end of this month, May 2013.

Why am I doing this? ‘Cause I gots nothin’ but love for y’all and I’m all for a democratic experience, plain and simple. Feel free to leave an anonymous reply and pick a theme or topic for the summer and I’ll sees what I can do.

Enjoy the break!

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