June 1st – unofficial start of summer posts

What. Is. Up?

I’d like to thank all of you who voted on the poll and, as promised, due to your responses, I’ll do my best to get you one post a week for the duration of summer.

I figured I’d start with this musical selection. Why? Well… cause since we’ve been gone, or began to make our way out the college doors and took a break from this here Lounge, a lot – and I mean A LOT – has been goin’ on (or not goin’ on – more to follow on that) in an’ around the colleges and District.
That, and, I don’t want to break my streak of starting summer posts with somethin’ from The Cars. Don’t ask me why.

Let’s see, we lost a Provost. (Maybe this song should be dedicated to him??)
Perhaps a president or two. Not sure. (How’s that search for a president over at Wright comin’ along?)
If you know of any other comings and goings, feel free to share. (Anonymity encouraged.)

Have a good summer break peeps! I’ll hang with you via The Lounge until we’re due back in August. Don’t do anything I would, ‘kay?

One thought on “June 1st – unofficial start of summer posts

  1. They hired a new president at Wright, and there’s a job listing for a president at Kennedy-King on the CCC website.

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