President Kojo

How ya’ doin’ peeps.

Sorry I didn’t get this post up sooner. I was searching for some former CCC employees and…

I found one. In Michigan. Monroe, MI to be exact.

Yep, looks like Kojo is back in business. Here’s the link to the article. The title reads: MCCC names Dr. Kojo Quartey next President.

At a special meeting this week, the Monroe County Community College Board of Trustees unanimously selected Dr. Kojo Quartey as the fifth president of Monroe County Community College.

So he went from working for CCC to MCCC. Why did he have to go? Still don’t know. But I do know that per the May Board Report he was TERMINATED. That means he didn’t RETIRE, or, shall I say, he didn’t leave ’cause he wanted to.

If you read the article, it states:

A significant accomplishment during his tenure in this position involved improving relations with the Faculty Council and faculty at all seven City Colleges.  Other accomplishments included improving the faculty hiring and credentialing process.

So what did he do wrong? What did he fail to accomplish? Did District use a rubric and deem his efforts equal to that of a failing grade? Is MCCC aware that he got expelled from CCC?

Was Kojo NOT suppose to be lookin’ for another job while being our Provost?

So many questions. So little answers. Nil to be exact.

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