There is No Food

Don’s post reminds me of this video.

No, I dont mean no harm or any ill towards our Don. I totally understand why he made this decision. I’m glad he’s givin’ us a heads-up. If the state is broke, then so be it. We’ve worked around other shortcomings before and I’m sure we’ll find our way around this one. Food bills add up in a hurry and if it means I have to pay for doughnuts and bring enough for 6 peeps instead of 5, then I got the coffee covered too.

I’m declaring the upcoming school year as BYOFaD (bring your own food and drink (and leave your whine at home)) year.
I can live with that. Can you?

Don's Desk

That loud thud you may have heard at your office door was the sound of CCC’s 2014 budget book landing on your threshold. The product of hundreds of faculty and staff working over the course of five months, the FY2014 Budget Book highlights our accomplishments in the past year and plans for the coming year. For those of you interested in saving the planet, the electronic version is available here.

Astute observers will notice a few key facts. The budget is balanced. FY13 was a strong year for achieving our goals, with graduation, retention and first-year enrollment in remedial courses all up. For FY14, tuition is flat. State funding is down (as documented in the budget; more about that next).

This last fact caused the most discomfort as we attempted to balance the budget. The original proposed state budget inflicted pain on City Colleges. As we go to press…

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11 thoughts on “There is No Food

    • I don’t know. Wouldn’t be able to ballpark it either. Maybe it’s in the report?
      Between having supplies to teach and food, I’ll take the dry erase markers – and between having tutors or cookies, I’ll take the smart cookies over chocolate chips.

  1. I certainly agree with the priorities. Just curious about the amount.

    • Me too, UF. If not the number, at least the percentage of the budget. It would be a fact worth knowing.

  2. It is interesting…the premise of scarcity is proffered by many (faculty, admins and staff), then nearly immediately following it comes the ban on “luxuries” such as coffee, tea and donuts as well as cost saving schemes like centralization and reductions and “freezes.”

    We all recognize that these are not connected; there is faulty logic at play…

    And, btw, I am not advocating that budgets should be allocated and enlarged to feed folks donuts, but I am pointing out the fallacious logic at play…

    In the end, who even cares, right? Or, no?

    • I understand they are not connected, Anon.
      Thanks for reinforcing the point. Helps to have more voices in the mix.
      If there are to be any practical fallacies at play once the new year gets under way, I says it’s our responsibility to return to this discussion.
      In the end, I care and I thinks we all should.
      Good to hear from you.

      • Thanks, Realist. Just my thoughts; glad you can see the relevance…

        It’s weird, tho, I notice my initial post has “disappeared.” Whomever is deleting posts should have deleted your reply so as to assure no record…lol. I wonder if it’s a certain someone with whom I disagreed about something rather touchy awhile ago…the Lounge has changed in the last year or so.

        Perhaps, it’s a glitch, tho.

        • Hi, Anon. I restored it. Most likely it was me who deleted it (accidentally!), while deleting ping-backs.

          (Just in case you were wondering, if anyone writes a post that links to a Lounge post (including one of us), then a comment posts on the linked-to post with a link to the new post. Same thing happens with Don’s Desk (if we link to one of his posts, a comment is auto-generated and posts there showing that we linked to it. When they are in-house (Lounge to Lounge) I just delete them so they don’t clutter up and pad the comment count. The last few posts have had a lot of them, and, apparently I was a bit too quick on the delete button. Sorry about that. Pretty sure it was just human error. Mine.)

    • LOL The link to Ms. Meredisth makes me smile. That was my son’s 2nd grade teacher. They need the TP!! My son wasn’t the only nose picker in that class!

  3. Great video.

    We never got any food $$ for any student events from CCC only SGA a couple of times. Many thanks to SGA.

    I asked about food funding allocated for student events many many many times!

    The response I got was “oh there is funding for student food but I don’t know the procedure to ask for those funds or if it is in your budget or if we can take it out of some other budget. Go ask mystery person x in x department.”

    On to mystery person x who said……”oh there is funding for student food but I don’t know the procedure to ask for those funds or if it is in your budget or if we can take it out of some other budget. Go ask mystery person y in y department.”

    Guess what person y always said.

    We have never had a shoestring budget for food. We have never had any funds budgeted for food.

    Thus, I no longer expect any funds in the budget for food for student events or care. It’s sad really.

    At least now the budget is BALANCED and FAIR. NO ONE GETS ANY FOOD. That’s OK.

    One more for my schedule A deductions I guess. Question: is that a donation gifts by cash check or item or is that items paid for by me that my employer doesn’t reimburse me for?

    Oh and FYI—–there has been NO T.P. or soap in bathrooms for students at CPS on the west side or south side for years. Been there done that 1993-1997. Get with the program. It’s on the school supply list for parents

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