Happy 4th of July

Couple of articles to share with you on this day while we celebrate our collective freedom and independence as a community of people in these united states:

A report in the Trib about the political unrest in Egypt. Gives me perspective on the day. Poor Alexandria.

A technocratic interim government will be formed, along with a panel for national reconciliation, and the constitution will be reviewed. Mansour said fresh parliamentary and presidential elections would be held, but he did not specify when.

Also from the Trib, an article related to academic freedom. But wait. It’s not a free read. If you click on the link to his article, you’ll need your digitalPLUS membership to read his words on what changed his mind about the Fourth of July. The irony. I’ll post a link once he’s given permission to post it on his website. Here’s a snippet:

… not the freedoms we passively enjoy, but the freedoms we must defend by fostering and practicing them, no matter the consequences. No matter the cost.

And a bonus. A two for one if you will. It’s about Thunderclap and the July 4th protesting of NSA spying. Here’s the link to Thunderclap. Read what it’s all about. Let your voice be heard. Here’s a link to the protest on thunderclap. You are free to lend support, but the clock is ticking.

Super bonus. Read or hear what our president had to say in his weekly address.

Have a fantastic day. Enjoy the holiday. May God bless all who protect our freedoms and independence.

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