First contact with the contract

As promised, I tolds you I’d keep an eye on our CCC website for the new contract and…

It’s been uploaded! Here is the link to the Collective Bargaining Agreement 7/16/13 – 7/15/18

I’ve not had time to compare it with the contract that just expired, but feel free to give it a glance.And feel free to share your initial comments. Or take your time –  you gots 5 years.

3 thoughts on “First contact with the contract

  1. So after scrolling through the new contract, I noticed that faculty ‘raises’ (or mostly ‘non-raises’) includes for Fall 13 only, a change in step (as it says “In addition, each current full-time faculty member will be granted a one full step increase effective at the beginning of the fall semester of 2013.”)…but no where can I find language to clarify if the step is based on the step system of the old contract or if it is a new system – basically, in trying to figure out my salary for this upcoming Fall – I was stumped. Any insight on how this works? Or am I missing something really obvious in the contract?

  2. I found it. It’s based on the Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 schedule. However, the jump for me gives me about a 4.4% raise. Didn’t they say it’d be 11%?

    • Nope. The 11% number is for “Lane Advance.” The promise was for a one-time, full step increase.

      For anyone interested, the info is in section VI.A.1. A full step for all FTers, based on Spring 2013 schedule in the old contract and annual 2.5% increases after that effective on your start date (after July 14th). So instead of fall hires getting a slight tick upward from spring to fall and then a half step in January of varying size, it’ll be a compounding, one-time, annual raise that is (hopefully) below the inflation index.

      And that’s not even including the performance bonus…

      (not an endorsement; just saying)

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