6 thoughts on “What’s ahead? CCC’s Five Year Plan provides a look

  1. If it was a coincidence, what would the implication be? It probably is a coincidence. It makes sense that big items like this occur during the summer months, and other big things happened in previous summers. District will probably work on the synthesis of the two events, but I’m skeptical that big events like this are either rushed or held off in order to correlate with one another.

    • Your comment about the summer “surprises” has already been voiced since mid-May directly to DO reps by your colleague (me!). Probably because of that, some things aren’t moving that fast as expected (sigh . . .).

  2. Saw this on craigslist.
    CCC wants to hire new tutors & pay them $20 per hour. Does this mean that the current tutors will get a raise?
    OR, does this mean that CCC is outsourcing the tutors — like they did the registration aides?
    Anyway, l look forward to interested parties weighing in on this.

    • Using common business sense (though it doesn’t seem sensible to the average Joe like me), it appears outsourcing may be the way to:

      1) offer those who tutor more hours (thus being able to provide more consistency in the tutor pool) while
      2) shifting benefit retirement insurance compensation to the temp agency.

      I know an e comm manager in CA. This is how his company avoids the inconvenience of worrying if workers are legal or offering benefits.

      This may also be why temp agency hires cost the company a lot hourly while they save in benefits payout. If you have worked for a temp agency, then you know the company may be paying $20-30/hour to the temp agency while the worker gets $10/hr.

      Can a business person voice in on my analysis? Maybe I have it all wrong. I’m just a Joe.

      • Yep, you’re right. Many businesses use this model.

        It sucks a bit for the worker, but helps the business recruit and replenish workers easier and at at lower cost than if its HR searched and hired.

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