Que$tion about the $pecial Announce

You’ve gotten the email and perhaps some colorful sheets in the mail detailing the payroll changes to be made. I feel like I gots no voice in the matter, even though it is my paycheck. Very kind of CCC to “advance” me some of my earned cash, but then I’m out when it comes time to get my last paycheck ’cause of the “advancement.” Yes, I can opt out. Thanks for the options that make it appear as if I have a choice to make. Can I get some more time to weigh my options? What’s the rush to do it this month? Why not next year so I have time to build-up some reserves in my mattress?

All these questions are too little, too late. But her’s one that may not be: Should I grieve this payroll change?

Per the special announce (exhibit A):

Beginning August 23, all full-time City Colleges of Chicago faculty and staff that are paid on a current basis will transition to a two-week lag (arrears) pay cycle. The existing frequency of payroll will remain unchanged. However, the transition will defer your August 23, 2013 paycheck to September 6, 2013.

Per the union contract (exhibit B):

The calendar year shall be divided into two-week pay periods. Payment for the work done in a pay period shall be made on the last day of the pay period. An assigned faculty member who has pay due and is not paid on the last day of that pay period shall be advanced his net salary due out of Board funds. Pay checks may, at the option of the employee, be mailed to home, bank or College.

Take a look at the 2013 Arrears Pay Schedule

The way I sees it, I’m back to work August 12th. The affected pay period, or the date I’m suppose to get paid is the 23rd.

I’m not getting an advance on my net salary, am I? If I was, then CCC would be advancing me my September 6th paycheck, right? As it stands, and as I read it, I’m being advanced my last paycheck as a CCC employee. Either way, I’m getting an advancement ’cause CCC is making changes to “ensure a more efficient payroll process” and my paycheck is being deferred.

I know I’m being sticky-picky with this whole mandate, oops, I mean, with this whole advanced pay option. It’s just that somethin’ dont smell right. The language, the change, the disregard for timeliness… I just don’t like the precedent it sets.

Perhaps if I grieve it, nothing will happen. Deferment or advancement will still happen. Yeah, it’s too little to late to stop a change that will take affect within 24 hours. I guess I’ll be ok for now and I’ll worry about that last paycheck when it comes. All 25% of it. If I accept the option. Maybe I’ll be ok and just invite myself over to family and friends for my meals and hang out at the beach to cut back on the use of utilities at home if I decline the option.

Perhaps if I grieve, CCC will think twice about making unilateral and draconian changes the next time. I can only see harm in not saying or doing something about this change that greatly affects my livelihood, not to mention my morale.

If I say nothing now, what about the next time? What is CCC brainstorming now that will have me on the receiving end, for better or for worse, in the future?

5 thoughts on “Que$tion about the $pecial Announce

  1. Can you point us to which part of the contract this violates? District is on a “strict adherence to the contract” kick, so if we can point out the exact wording that is violated then we can grieve this, and other items on their agenda.

    • Page 13 of current contract. Although, if they have simply redefined the pay period, then there may be no grievance.

        • No disrespect meant, but clearly this violates our contract…clearly they are try to redefine pay period…and they can’t…but I’m sure they’ll argue they can. I would grieve it to force transparency…

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