DWFDW Debrief

Day one is in the books, and day two is ongoing, and I am, more than anything else, still really, really grateful that District Wide Faculty Development Week (DWFDW) isn’t five days anymore! Remember how awful that was? Still gives me the shudders.

But, here we are. So, did you learn anything? See anything great? Carry out any unanswered questions in your pocket?

Got anything to say?

(I thought the opening set of speeches and what-not to be lovely, if not exactly inspiring; there was food; I thought it was cool that they used an android to give the “Business Analytics” presentation (kidding, kidding…stole that joke), and went to the TAP strand presentation on the new classroom visitation rubric at which I was really happy to see Jewel Younge who is one of my favorite people in the world. As for the rubric, I hope I’m wrong about its usability. Regardless, I’m excited to see how the new tenure process will work. It can’t be worse.)

Have at it.

8 thoughts on “DWFDW Debrief

  1. Ok, I’ll go again. Joe Hinton’s presentation today was the best thing I went to over both days, by far.

    Well done, Joe. Be sure to check out his LGBTQ allies presentation tomorrow (Wednesday) if you can.

  2. Why aren’t we all outraged that some colleges are teaching Math 90 after it wasn’t approved by FC4. How can we not make a statement to the Board about this egregious act? I’m not so interested in the debate about supporting or not supporting Math 90. I care about us not worrying about the blatant disregard for our curriculum approval process. Why has our faculty leadership not mentioned this to the Board?

    • I heard yesterday that FC4 is going to officially make a statement to the board so it is in the minutes that it was not approved by faculty and faculty are NOT behind it. I think we should be concerned that if administration can push one course through without approval, they can push anything through without approval.

  3. We have to be vigilant about this. Curriculum decisions are made by faculty. Once a precedent is set, it will be problematic for all of us so I’m glad to hear that FC4 is making a statement. I hope it is crystal clear and strongly stated.

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