Amuse-bouche is a (new!) regular feature designed to add a little amusement to your day and celebrate the arrival of the (early) weekend. Suggestions welcome!

I had heard of Vine before I saw this, but didn’t know what it was (it’s like a micro-YouTube; videos with a 6 second limit that loop). Lucky for me, somebody made a highlight reel, and it is truly amazing for a hundred different reasons. I found it here, and, as the author predicts, it was the best 11 minutes and 38 seconds of my day.

And don’t let the freeze-frame fool you–that’s just designed to drive page views…prepare to be dazzled by the creativity of the millenial generation.

3 thoughts on “Amuse-bouche

  1. You are like so late to the party Dude. Like Vines are like almost already like old.

    • 4 Likes. Well done.

      You are fluent in millennial. I am just old.

      I hope to be as hip as you when I am as old as you.


  2. I’m having a really hard time balancing the vines hipness against the socrates post after……I mean I’m soooooooooo conflicted!

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