A Programming Note and New Policy for the Lounge

As of Monday morning, authorship and editorial status on the Lounge will require that authors be:

  1. Full-time Faculty members;
  2. Clearly identifiable by name, either by writing under their own name or writing under a pen-name that is easily traced to the person using it.

The second criterion is new and means either the disclosure of all authors’ identities or the end (or spin-off onto another blog) of the Realist and 12Keystrokes projects. I do not know what they will do, but I guess we’ll find out by Monday morning.

I will have more to say about how this decision evolved (probably tomorrow) and why, but the short version is that two editorial sidebars, conducted by email–one back in March, and one this week–revealed support for, first, taking some kind of action, and second, taking this particular one.

This policy ONLY applies to posts. Readers will still be able to comment by name or pseudonym or anonymously.

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