CCC In the News

Or, in the Sun-Times, at least. Read all about it.

The Presidents are underpaid, but the adjuncts and tutors work at “market rates”…interesting. Remember this post? Here’s a fun game to play with it: take every use of “adjuncts” and substitute “Presidents” and take a drink every time it makes you laugh.

And whatever happened to that “newsclip” email we used to get, anyway? Ah well.


4 thoughts on “CCC In the News

  1. Uh I’m actually pretty impressed with this reporting.

    This is exactly how the deal went down. Having been affected by it, I gotta say the writer of this article has all his facts in line.

    I’m not happy about how bad it makes CCC look and various named people in the article who I respect and are simply the mouthpiece of the Board. Also it does make us all look like (name your favorite primate species here) at the zoo, but I guess you gotta wear the hat you put on in the morning and take the hit for bad decisions.

    Still, the Obama care thing is speculation as to the underlying reason, since no one has owned this or voiced this statement as being cause.

  2. As an adjunct I worked out the hourly wages at each institution I worked at or knew of because health Inurance/hospitalization only was costing my family $150-200 a month

    At my top CCC CCCLOC adjunct rate after 5 years I made $45/hr and only because it was MA+30 grad hours

    IIT was paying $50/hr starting (no +30 required)
    Roosevelt $50/hr starting (no +30 required)
    Loyola $77/hr starting (no +30 required)

    With only BA required
    Adult Ed at Triton was in 1999 $20-$25 with annual 4% pay increase and SURS
    St Augustine $30/hr
    Albany Park Community Center was paying $18/hr but also paid for two hours prep

    the point was that the hourly WAGE was supposed to SOMEHOW make up for the NO BENEFITS ISSUE

    An adjunct can only work at lower rates if they have good benefits and I mean medical benefits that actually cover something.

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