Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading is a regular feature with three links to fascinating, provocative, or particularly well-written, (usually) long-form pieces that I have found and collected over the last three years. You should expect that each of the links will require some time to explore.  There will not be a test, but there may be a theme.

Charlie Trotter’s Kitchen: Charlie Trotter is back in the news, which brought to mind this excellent, three-part series from last year on his restaurant, his influence, and his approach to ‘teaching.’ There are some amazing stories in here from (now) top chefs in Chicago about how they got started (sometimes just by showing up and working for free) and how they got fired or left and how they feel about him and their time with him. You have to give the Tribune an email address to be allowed to see the “Digital Plus” articles, but it’s totally worth it. I never ate there, but I used to live a couple blocks away and it was always fun to walk by and see the day’s menu. There never failed to be something on there (usually multiple things) that I’d never heard of. Amazing that it changed every day. Just in case, here are links to the separate parts:  Part One . Part Two. Part Three.

Marissa Mayer: Probably a Packers a fan. Almost a teacher. The bio is interesting. So interesting that it’s spawning interesting analysis, too.

Steve Jobs: As assessment, almost a year after his death. Subtitled: “An Inspiration or Cautionary Tale?”

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