Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. Send notice of upcoming events that you want publicized to me ( Use the “Comments” section to provide updates, additions, and corrections!

It’s HWC Welcome Week this week, “designed for new and returning students and will showcase our Faculty, support services, programs and offerings by the college.” The full description of HWC events and what-not can be found here. (If you want to know what it looks like at the other schools, try here.). In addition to the freshman convocation and family appreciation night events, there are money management seminars, campus tours, movies, club activities, and more. There’s a lot of research suggesting that involvement in a college is a big factor in (or at least, significant correlate with) student success. It wouldn’t be a terrible thing to encourage your students to poke around and get to know Harold a bit more than they have this week, and then show up to something and look for some of your students and say hello from somewhere other than the front of the room.

(And if you haven’t done it already, get those Day 10 Lists in to the Registrar’s Office! Is it me, or is it way earlier than usual for that? Also, distributed on Tuesday, which I guess is the actual 10th day of the semester, due on Friday, with emphasis on “missed classes” and an absence of mention of exceptions for students who missed but provide alternative evidence of their intention to pursue–every year I have a more than one, less than five students who miss the first two classes, but show up for the third or fourth with an apology and explanation. I’d rather have an extra few days to try to contact the missing students (or see if they contact me/show up) and avoid the No-Show than drop them and have them email or show up (or have their UPASS cut off, have them try to find out what happened, and then, in a panic, write to me about getting back in) and then have to write and submit a memo a week later to get them reinstated. I would think the registrar and administration would prefer the former, too, as it would mean a lot less aggravation for everyone involved. Is it just me on this, too? If I didn’t know better, I would think that this version of the process is meant to ‘No Show’ as many students as possible rather than retain as many as possible. Anyway, get those turned in and pronto. And happy “Welcome Week!”)

Monday, 9/9: Freshman Convocation (10am, Rm. 103);

Tuesday, 9/10: Club Day (11am-2pm, Rm. 103); Campus Tours (11am-4pm, Rm. 101);

Wednesday, 9/11: Remembering 9/11 (10am, Rm. 103); Salute to Veterans (11am, Rm. 203); SGA Family Movie (11am, Rm. 103); Family Appreciation Night (5pm, Rm. 102 & 103);

Thursday, 9/12: Security Meet and Greet (1pm, Rm. 203); Student Government (SGA) Town Hall (2pm, Rm. 103); Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Informational Meeting (2pm, Rm. 203);

Friday, 9/13: Mariano’s Job Fair (10am, Rm. 1115);

Saturday, 9/14: Business as usual as far as I know.

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