Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading is a regular feature with three links to fascinating, provocative, or particularly well-written, (usually) long-form pieces that I have found and collected over the last three years. You should expect that each of the links will require some time to explore. There will not be a test, but there may be a theme.

~When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland: Tressie McMillan Cottom is a consistently great read. You should be check her stuff out regularly.

~Reacting to Miley: A reflection on the criticism of Miley Cyrus, especially the new forms of it and what they tell us.

~Dave Chappelle Didn’t Melt Down: Maybe you are a fan of his (or not). Maybe you read the NY Times article about his return to stand-up while procrastinating on your syllabus writing (or not). Maybe you read about his latest controversial moment (or not). No matter. Read this. It’s not very long, but it will make you think.

And, just as last week’s theme (philosophy), might have been too obvious to need mentioning, same, too, for this week, but, just in case, I hope it is clear that the theme here is “Consumption.”

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