Volunteer Needed

So, I’m up for DEC this semester, which means I have to put together a visitation team (consisting of one person from inside the department and one from outside the department). Rather than drop the burden of extra work and class visits on anyone who might say yes out of some notion of duty or charity or something, I thought I would turn it into an essay contest opportunity.

So, if you’re interested in visiting and evaluating one of my classes, and you are available at one of the following times:

~M/W: 9:30-10:50 (Intro to Philosophy) OR 11-12:20 (Philosophy of Religion)

~T/Th: 9:30-10:50 (Logic) OR 11-12:20 (World Lit II: Existentialism) OR 12:30-1:50 (Philosophy of Religion)

Please post a comment in which, in 71 words or less, you explain why I should choose you. Bonus points for haiku and limerick. The deadline is 3pm on Wednesday.  Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm.

5 thoughts on “Volunteer Needed

  1. Aw geez PhiloDave I would be all over that shizza if i wasn’t completely swamped right now. Still trying to figure out how many columns = A(AT) and Paul Revere for that matter. Most excellent luck tho:)

    • Thanks, Jess. I will just have to wait until the next time we’re at the Emerald for a Jess Bader Limerick, I guess. I had high hopes. Alas.

      I appreciate the shout out though.

      As for the rest of you, with three exceptions (who know who they are), Lame-ohs!!

  2. Happy to do it, the honor is mine,
    Which class to observe, is yours to assign,
    Tuesday is best,
    Cannot make the rest,
    For payment, I prefer white wine.

    That is the Philosophy of Religion class on Tuesdays….Let me know if you really do still need someone.

  3. There once was a hermit named Dave
    Who kept a dead metaphor in a cave.
    Concave or convex,
    He relied on an alternative text.
    Just think of the money he saved!

  4. Jen and Hader are my heroes…

    (I knew there was a poem or two out there, desperate to get out; I knew it!)

    Thanks, anyway, good people, but I’ve already coerced another sucker…I mean colleague!

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