Cross Talk: Math Addition*

Cross Talk is a regular feature, highlighting three to seven items on some discipline taught at the college. We should all know more about what our colleagues know, teach, and love. Lifelong learning, blah, blah, blah, and all that jazz.

~The Monty Hall Problem: A clear explanation of the math behind a classic of game theory.

~A Most Profound Math Problem: Solved?

~Life in the City is Essentially One Giant Math Problem: Formulas and everything.

~Tonight’s Powerball is $425 Million, Should I Play?: The math of Powerball.

~The Man Who Invented Modern Probability: A profile of Andrei Kolmogorov

*Yes. On purpose.

2 thoughts on “Cross Talk: Math Addition*

  1. Fun as usual. You nearly succeeded in pulling me away from my other work. I’ll have to wait until the weekend to read these.

    • I always feel like I should give you a warning to avert your eyes when I’m going to put up math stuff…maybe next time. It is fun, though, knowing that you’ll be so sorely tempted, and so conflicted, about it. That’s how I know that, deep down, I’m a bad person.

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