Website Wednesday

So, I totally missed Tuesday and this is hours late, but it IS beautiful outside, so there’s that at least.

Furthermore, I have no idea how or if today’s site, called Wait But Why, will be useful to anyone’s teaching, but I found it to be wonderfully entertaining and addictive upon first encountering it via one of its posts featuring infographics that show what the world’s water (and various subsets–fresh water, drinkable water (i.e., fresh, non-polluted, accessible water) would look like if it were stored in cubes and how those cubes would compare to each other. It’s wonderful, whether the topic is one related to Art History or population density or childhood toys.

So, too, are many of the others. Enjoy. If you think of a use for them, let us know!

One thought on “Website Wednesday

  1. Fantastic, and very addicting like you said. I’m impressed by the level of detail for the childhood toys. They bring back memories though I’m surprised the author didn’t mention that the sticky hand can regain its stickiness with a good wash with soapy water. Thanks again PhiloDave for pulling me away from my work.

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