Cross Talk: Child Development Edition

Cross Talk is a regular feature, highlighting three to seven items on some discipline taught at the college. We should all know more about what our colleagues know, teach, and love. Lifelong learning, blah, blah, blah, and all that jazz.

In tribute to our department’s ongoing accreditation visit, this one is all about young minds.

~Kids need more play;

~Thirty Million Words;

~On birds, babies and talking.

~On the development (and schooling (warping?)) of non-conformist kids;

~And this one made me laugh.

One thought on “Cross Talk: Child Development Edition

  1. I’m reading the Peter Gray book right now about our play deficit. It’s something we have obviously been concerned about over the years but when you see the evidence illustrating this big change in our human development, it’s chilling. Play is important for all of us and it happens to be the way we, and many other species, learn best about the most important things in our lives. Yet, we don’t consider play to be important to education in our society – even in preschool, which drives me crazy!

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