Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday Morning musings is a semi-infrequent post consisting of complaints, critiques, questions and concerns paired with tips, lessons learned and happy thoughts.  Really, the author has a few minutes and a few things to say and hopes that others will find it worth reading.

On Midterm grade posting

Question:  Why is there a lag when we enter in a letter grade from student to student?  Why must we pause for 2 seconds while the grade inputs before moving onto the next? Why can’t this be more like grade entry in excel of Bb?

Happy thought: It’s so nice being able to actually not turn in paper ADW’s and paper grades despite a few hiccups with the ADWs.


On Blackboard

A tip:  For the last few years, I’ve been frustrated by the fact that in the upper left hand drop down toggle menu (the one that toggles between your courses), my most recent courses were not my most recent.  In fact, it seemed like the Bb gods had chosen the most useless, arbitrary combination of courses to display thereby making my search for my current courses an adventure every time.  But I got an answer from Bb after waiting for nearly 2 years.  Here it is if this affects you.  It works.

Go into Settings (you can get there by clicking on your name).  Then click on Personalize my settings and enter a number of days for which you want to see courses.  I did 365 and that seemed to work.  Now you’ll only those the courses you’ve accessed in that period of time.


On copies

I’ll save this for another day.  Enjoy this lovely brisk fall Saturday.


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