Meet the Faculty Council Nominees

It’s Faculty Council election time! In order to help you make an informed decision, our three highly qualified nominees have provided short introductions.  Our nominees are Michal Eskayo – ELL/WL, Kamran Swanson – Humanities, and Paul Wandless – Art/Architecture.

Congratulations, nominees! Good luck!

Michal Eskayo

I have been teaching ESL for twenty-one years and proud to be at Harold Washington College for the last eight. In my tenure in this profession, I have had the opportunity to chair and co-chair two departments, the Languages and Literature Department at St. Augustine College and my department at HWC, English Language Learners/World Languages. In both positions, I devoted a lot of energy to creating departments that fostered collaboration among full and part-time faculty. During my time as chair, the ELL program implemented open class visitation weeks and organized many faculty development workshops. In addition to my department chair duties, I have chaired the Rank and Promotion Committee, and now I am one of the TAP (Tenure Assistance Program) leaders for our college. In addition to my service at the department and college level, I have collaborated on numerous presentations at the local and national TESOL conventions. I look forward to working with HWC Faculty Council and serving the college in a new capacity.

Kamran Swanson

I have been teaching philosophy and humanities in the Department of Humanities and Music since 2007, beginning as an adjunct instructor before being hired full time. I have been on a handful of committees, including on the curriculum committee, briefly as department chair, and was appointed to the faculty council this past September. I am committed to making faculties’ and students’ academic freedom my highest priority.

Paul Wandless

I’m happy to accept the nomination to be a candidate for Faculty Council.  I feel this is an opportunity to contribute my time and energy in support of my colleagues at Harold Washing College.  I’m currently serving a 1 semester appointment on Faculty Council as a sabbatical replacement and have found this short experience to be very rewarding.  There are many important issues and topics facing Faculty that require thoughtful and informed consideration for appropriate responses and in some cases action.  I really admire how Faculty Council initiates and facilitates addressing the needs of HWC Faculty and acts as a strong advocate as well.  I would like to be part of this committee that works so hard in pursuit of supporting Faculty.  I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Architecture and was hired in 2009.  I’ve been a professor since 1999 at other 4-year Colleges and Universities and have a lot of experience on a wide variety of committees that serve me well in my current responsibilities at HWC.  My current committee work at HWC includes being Chair of the Department of Art and Architecture Strategic Planning Committee, I’m the 2D Area coordinator in my department, I’ve been a member of the Curriculum Committee since 2010 and I’m on the Assessment Committee as a Departmental Liaison to create assessments for courses within the Department of Art and Architecture.  Thanks for considering me as a candidate for Faculty Council and if elected, I will proudly and passionately contribute my time, energy and experience in service of my colleagues.

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