New Union Blog

Jesu has been hard at work (again, still) as always, and put together a new blog for HWC and Local 1600 Union news.

It is timely given the pension news and upcoming union leadership elections (February).

Check it out, and, if you can, send her stuff to post or sign up to be a writer on it. It’s as easy as typing email, and in some regards easier. If you can email, you can blog; and if you are full-time faculty, security, or a (part time or fulltime professional, then you should be interested.

There’s good stuff up there already–the post on fair share vs. full membership was informative–and sure to be more.

I’ve added a link to the blog roll and will try to keep the connections tight between us. Props to Jesu for her significant work and commitment to her colleagues. One suggestion: change that font color to something darker to make it a little easier to read.

One thought on “New Union Blog

  1. Thanks Dave and Harold Lounge supporters! I’ll keep you informed on the pension reform and other issues. I do have an expert coming to speak to us next semester on the pension issue; I have been trying to keep up with all the numbers, but I am getting so much information, and the final results, if this piece of garbage is signed into law, are not clear yet. What is for sure, is that we will all be negatively impacted by this pension reform, including current retirees. In the meantime, I am working on a more analytical response. Also, I know this news is demoralizing, I get it, but I am still calling the Governor and telling him to “stand strong” (his catch phrase) and not sign this into law.

    Phone:(217) 782-0244
    Fax:(217) 524-4049

    I do tell these politicians I will not vote for them again if they support pension theft and any attacks on workers, but I am wiling to take it a step further to support candidates that continuously fight in our interests, even if that means voting for a third party.

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