What a President Reads

Wright College’s President Potash was busy over the break, posting five interesting reviews on his blog. I’m particularly interested in the one on garbage in New York.

Since reading Dom Delillo’s Underworld (reviewed here; academicized here; blogged about here) garbage has been a different for me in the way President Potash says it became different for him after his conversation with the author of the book he reviews many years prior to her writing it. Then a couple years ago I saw this and this and, though I’m not a big fan of Zizek, his brief bit on garbage has popped up in my own experiences, more than once.

Also there, a review of a book about Chicago neighborhoods, a pair of books about/for those interested in community college leadership, and one on how Chicago real estate has played a role in institutionalizing inequality.

Check ’em out.

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