Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is an occasional feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

You might find something useful on this list of “50 Must-Read K-12 Education IT Blogs” (or in the additional suggestions in the comments) posted on EdTech. If not, try poking around the site, where you’ll find a brief puff piece on CPS making Computer Science a core subject or one on a few teachers who are teaching without desk (anybody ready for 36 bean bag chairs? Me neither, but I do loathe the rows. There has to be a better arrangement doesn’t there? Anybody seen any literature on it?), including a link to an amusing “Obituary for the Desk” published on Edudemic.


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