Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is an occasional feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

Looking for something else, I came across this article about Bertrand Russell and “everyday philosophy,” which led me to an essay of his that I hadn’t seen before. But I was intrigued by the subtitle, which said, “Part 7.” So, I poked around a bit and came upon THIS–a pretty great index of columns from The Guardian, collected under the header “How to Believe.”

Written by philosophers and theologians, writing for popular audiences, they take readers through topics and thinkers (e.g., The Book of Genesis, the thought of Spinoza, or the poetry of Rumi)  in a series of five to eight columns. It’s a great place to start for someone looking to get a toe-hold on some topic or other on the way to autodidact-ing, and might even make a decent source for secondary, background reading for students. Check it out.

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