Weekend Reading: Super Bowl Edition

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but have managed to collect a bunch of stuff on football that might be educationally provocative or useful for someone. So here goes:

~On football intelligence; minds in context;

~If you’re a fan of North Dallas Forty or ever wondered what life was like (in terms of injuries) for NFL players , especially those on the margins, you’ll find this article by a now retired player/skilled blogger captivating; or this one about the “hard life of an NFL long shot;”

~Or maybe you’re considering boycotting the NFL or wondering why some people might–here’s one argument for it;

~One for the Bears fans–on Doug Plank, the original #46;

~Maybe a short piece of Sports Philosophy on team affiliations and adoption?;

~How the money on NFL teams is distributed across positions (a great visual graphic), including this year’s Super Bowl teams;

~Maybe you’ve been following the whole concussion controversy and want to know more–here is a fascinating article on NFL helmets and here is a piece on the concussion-related litigation and the future of the league;

~Or maybe you want to learn more about the teams playing, in which case you should check out Pro Football Reference (for an example of what can be learned with a bit of time and interest, check out this article on injuries in 2012);

~Perhaps you need to read just one more article (or five) on Richard Sherman.

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