3 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting High/Low Lights

  1. I was impressed with the way representatives from Student Government brought their concerns and suggestions to the panel, and I was glad to hear from the panel about various building upgrades and that kind of thing.

    The request halfway through the meeting for folks to remove their hats was annoying. I agree that soft skills are important. We teach professionalism in our CD courses to prepare students to interview for jobs in the field and to inform them of professional expectations in terms of what to wear and how to interact with others in a professional manner. On the other hand, I think college students in general should be comfortable. I also think asking people (men in particular it seemed) to remove their hats halfway through a somewhat respectful meeting was an unnecessary show of power – we will remind you of your place -that’s what it felt like even if that’s not necessarily the intended message. I kind of stopped listening after that. Although, another highlight moment came later when a student came up to the microphone and said she would remove her hat out of respect to the panel if they would kindly stop looking at their tech devices while she spoke. Delightful.

    • I was also impressed by how our students responded to the VCs. At the same time, the highlight for me was Professor Armendarez’s challenge that the Vice Chancellors come spend a semester working on a City College campus in one of its beleaguered areas–advising, etc…Though I cannot imagine it actually happening, it would go a long way in helping district understand their jobs.

    • Wow. I can’t believe they asked people to take their hats off in the middle of the presentation. What arrogance. Good for the student who called on them for their tech devices. This is a habit I’ve witnessed at every similar meeting. Remind me to carry a hat with me. I don’t usually wear one, but if I ever hear that we should remove it, I’ll put it on.

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