Tuesday Teaching Talk (Thursday Edition)

Years ago, Chris Sabino as CAST director and Dave Richardson as Harold Lounge curator hosted the “Tuesday Teaching Talk,” or “TTT,” on the Harold Lounge. Now, CAST wants to resume this practice. We’ll get it back to Tuesday soon enough. 

“Because really good teaching is about not seeing the world the way that everyone else does. Teaching is about being what people are now prone to call counterintuitive, but to the teacher means simply being honest.”  -Mark Edmundson, “The Uncoolness of Good Teachers,” in Why Teach?

What do you do in the classroom that is weird, creative, risks making you look silly, but is all done in service of a lesson for your students? Is it ever a good idea to risk a professional bearing in the service of education? What strange things do you do between your four walls?

As HW faculty have seen in their e-mails, CAST is beginning a series of seminars aimed at fostering a good conversation about teaching, learning, thinking, and sharing what relevant disciplinary knowledge we have to our fellow faculty from across the disciplines. If you are interested in participating, join us this Tuesday, February 3rd, 3:30pm to 4:30pm in room 1046 at HW.

One thought on “Tuesday Teaching Talk (Thursday Edition)

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m really happy to see the TTT returning and even happier to get together with you all to chat about teaching, the reason that we exist at HWC.

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