Glitch in the new Myfaculty.ccc

The new system for checking rosters, submitting grades, and everything else is about a day old now. In some administrator’s great wisdom, releasing the new system in the middle of mid-terms week seemed like the prudent choice, in order to challenge faculty to learn a new system at the same time that they are giving mid-terms, grading mid-terms, and spending most of their in-office time coaching students and talking to them about their papers. Overcoming obstacles makes us stronger, after all. Thanks for the obstacle!

Anyway, I’ve already heard that some faculty are having difficulty accessing their rosters and so forth. I hit this issue yesterday too, but after some tinkering around, I found a little glitch in the system, and also a solution to get to the content you need.

The short solution is this: once you are logged into the faculty and staff side of, you will see two tabs, “faculty” and “Staff,” in the upper left, with the buttons “home” and “help and resources” directly underneath. It looks like the “faculty” tab is selected by default. However, like so many other things in today’s world, this is nothing but an illusion. Even though it looks as though “faculty” is selected, it is not. Click “faculty” again. Now, like Harry Potter trying to get on his first train to Hogwarts, a third option will magically appear between “home” and “help and resources.” This button is “faculty center,” and it is the secret button you’ll want to hit.

Once you pass through this portal, you will find yourself in the new, fantastical land of grade rosters, schedules, and your other familiar tools with a new interface. This interface still seems a bit glitchy, but if you hit the “my schedule” tab, you can click the little cluster of people icons next to the class names to see your beloved rosters.

3 thoughts on “Glitch in the new Myfaculty.ccc

  1. There is also a sheet of directions going around, courtesy of Vincent Wiggins, which is incredibly useful. It’s worth picking one up.

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